Meike for Grazia Paris

meike264 meike271 meike270 meike269 meike267 meike266 meike265

Photography Louis Christopher
Styling Chloé Para
Hair Kazue Deki
Make-up Lisa Legrand

Lotte for D la Repubblica

lotte387 lotte383 lotte384 lotte382 lotte381 lotte380 lotte379 lotte378 lotte377

Photography Max Cardelli
Styling Rachele Bagnato
Make-up Miriam Langellotti
Hair Alessandro Squarza

Marte Mei van Haaster for Cover Zeit Magazine

marte161 marte162 marte163 marte164 marte165 marte166 marte167 marte168

Marte stars in a Jil Sander special for Zeit Magazine.

Photography Norbert Schoerner
Styling Jil Sander and Klaus Stockhausen
Casting Gillian Henn
Make-up and hair David Wadlow.