Kim for Elle NL

kim33 kim36

Photography Nicky Onderwater
Styling Thomas Vermeer
Make-up Kathinka Gernant
Hair Ellen Romeijn

Doutzen by Mario Testino for Vogue NL

doutzen272 doutzen273 261-V52-MT—S1-kapjes-1YS_Pagina_1 358-V52-MT—S9-bare-1_Pagina_2 358-V52-MT—S9-bare-1_Pagina_1 V52—darkside1_Pagina_1 V52—darkside1_Pagina_6 V52—darkside1_Pagina_7 V52—darkside1_Pagina_3 doutzen271

Vogue NL celebrates their 5th birthday with an all Mario Testino issue. As much as their own birthday, Vogue celebrates Dutch beauty, featuring the greatest models Holland has to offer. Doutzen steps in front of Testino’s lens together with Lara Stone, and bares it all for the coverstory.

Styling Georgina Cortina
Make-up Val Garland
Hair Christiaan