Height 1.70
Bust 82
Waist 60
Hips 87
Dress 34-36
Shoes 38
Hair Black
Eyes Brown


25-year old Iheomy Zezuri is a Rotterdam based singer and songwriter, visual artist and model.

Iheomy was born overseas on a small island called Curaçao, but moved with her parents and siblings to the Netherlands at the age of threeGrowing up in a small town as a child of immigrants, her authenticity worked as both a curse as a blessing, but she found her way to put that energy into developing her creativity, becoming a multidisciplinary as a free form of self expression.

Through the lisp of her braces she would let us know, improving the world starts with the manifestation of self. Working on and off on her music, she went off to study Fashion, where she slowly rolled into the world of modeling as well.