10 things you should know about Eyes Rodgers

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Blouse People of the Labyrinth. Broek H&M. Schoenen Diadora. Ketting, Armband Lockstock. Ringen van het model zelf.
Eyes Rodgers was featured on
i-D Netherlands with a shoot and interview.

Check the full article (in Dutch) here. English translation below.

Eyes Rodgers is what you say brand new. The 16-year-old from Amsterdam only made a few baby steps in the fashion industry, but already made quite the impression. We can’t stop staring at the selfies on her Instagram account for one. And with this girl it isn’t just about her looks; like photographer Sophie Mayanne and stylist Ogènda told us right after this shoot, it’s all smiles with this one. And hard work by the way: for Eyes, shooting for i-D didn’t mean she couldn’t do at least a few hours at her internship in the morning, and right after shooting she rushed over to her dad’s vegan restaurant to help him out for a couple of hours. Eyes, remember that name.

T-shirt Daily Paper. Armband, oorbellen Lockstock.

Five words that describe her best are…
Fun, laughing, fashion, sweet, crazy.

She’s only been living in Holland since she was 11-years-old…
Before that I was living in Japan, where I was the only black girl in the neighbourhood. Really just everything about Japan is amazing: the fashion, the food, the people, the neighbourhood I used to live, the houses… At 3 I also did my first modelling jobs there by the way, for Nike and Puma amongst others.

Those gorgeous eyes?
I got them from my Asian mom and my dad who’s from the Caribbean – who also used to model by the way.

And that name?
Well, my name actually has quite the meaning. But you try and Google that for yourself 😉

If she could give her 10-year-old self a piece of advice…
Don’t cut and colour your hair! Hideous…

If she could change anything about the fashion industry…
It would be the fact that they teach girls around the globe that skinny equals pretty.

Here’s something that no one knows about her:
That I’m absolutely crazy about Japanese cosplays.

The best piece of advice someone has ever given her:
Don’t just go about doing what everyone else does. In the end you’re on your own.

Her best and worst trait…
My worst would absolutely be that I’m irritated super easily. The best is that with me you’ll always have a good time. Really, always. I laugh a lot.

In fifteen years…
I’ll be living in Japan again, having worked with all the big photographers, stylists and models.