Sneak peak: Bente Oort

Soon on our development board: Bente Oort. What can we expect? “If I would have to describe myself, I would say I’m spontaneous and active, really active – I’m very much into kickboxing and in my free time you won’t seldomly find me spinning pirouettes on the ice. I’m really looking forward to the new … Continue reading “Sneak peak: Bente Oort”

Ninouk for Dutch Elle

Ninouk stepped in front of the lens of photography duo Koers von Kremer for Dutch Elle’s item Hello my name is… Bet you didn’t know she’s actually quite the nerd, right? English translation below. Model Ninouk Akkerman (22) just finished her study neuroscience. She plays the guitar, cruises around on her motorcycle, likes to do … Continue readingNinouk for Dutch Elle”

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