Welcome on board: Sterre

Today Paparazzi is welcoming 15-year-old Sterre Levering. A questionnaire…

If you could pick only one word to describe your persona, what would it be?

What can you tell us about the place you’re from?
I live in a friendly, small village with an outrageous amount of parks – lots of green. I love living there: nearby my house there is a swimmingpool, tenniscourt, library, theatre etc.

And what can you tell us about the place you wish you would have been from?
There are a lot of places I like, but last year we visited Miami, and I love the combination of a big city and tropical beach right next to each other.

What characteristic of yourself would you like to thank your parents for?
I think my mother and I always see the bright side of people.

Your favourite Instagram post?
A few weeks after joining Paparazzi, they arranged a fotoshoot with Duy Vo. Really really love the pictures he made, which I use as my avatar now.

What do you like most about being the age you are in 2017?
I’m turning 16 this year! Which means by law, I’m allowed to do more, haha.

What would the world need more of in order to be a better place?
If people listen to each other with an open mind, lots of problems could be avoided.

What puts a smile on your face?
My lovely cat Oliver, family and friends, fashion, swimming in the sea, sailing, sunshine, travelling… Should I keep on going?

What can the world expect from you?
Hopefully I can bring smiles on a lot of faces.

If you could have asked yourself a question in this questionnaire, what would it be and what would your answer look like?
Why do I want to be a model? The answer is simple: I really love fashion, and when modelling l I am able to show fashion.