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We’re so proud!!! Read the text below by @saskiadebrauw about her latest project “Ghosts don’t walk in straight lines” together with @vincentvandewijngaard: On Thursday, May 21, 2015, I walked along Manhattan’s North- South axis, from 225th Street and Broadway all the way down to Battery Park. The route – as much as possible – ignored the New York grid system. The walk was completed in almost one full day- 20 hours long. This slow walk – juxtaposed to a city that is in many ways very high speed – has been documented as well as the stories that we found along this route in a short film and a book. While working on this project, Vincent van de Wijngaard and I discovered that walking along the route and collecting stories generated an enormous amount of information. It included not only filmed and photographed material, but also stories of people, quotes that were overheard on the street, texts that were found on the surface of the street (walls, pavement, hand written notes) and abandoned objects. As the walk took us on a journey through Manhattan crossing many different neighborhoods, so will the film and book for the viewer. The earliest Dutch settlers of New York arrived on the Southern most edge of Manhattan. Our journey traces the history of Manhattan in reverse, following the pulse of life as it is presented and lived on the streets of New York today. The book and the film capture New York in a very special moment in time, where traces of the past are still visible but on the brink of disappearing. The project is in collaboration with @vincentvandewijngaard and the book has been designed by @mattwatkinsdesignprinted by @wonderfulbooks_rik and now available on my website, @thephotographersgallery and from Friday on @librairieyvonlambert booksigning March 16, 2018 between 18H and 20H - 14 rue du Filles du Calvaires 75003 Paris. Please join us for a drink! 🌈